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William Kurelek’s The Maze

Note: Because of the intricacy of the painting depicted in the poster, I’ve linked it to a much larger version, so please click to see more. And a bit of trivia: Van Halen used a detail of this painting for … Continue reading

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Wiebo’s War

Wiebo’s War (Director: David York): David York opens his engaging film with an interesting scene. Wiebo Ludwig, the subject of the film, is sitting around a table with several of his sons and the film crew, and Wiebo is concerned … Continue reading

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God in America

God in America (Directors: David Belton and Sarah Colt): America has always represented a place where almost anything is possible, where people can start over and from where new ideas, philosophies and movements emerge. This six-part series from PBS explores … Continue reading

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Hadewijch (Director: Bruno Dumont): In this, his fifth feature film, Bruno Dumont has created something as mysterious and beautiful as his protagonist. We meet young Celine in a convent, where she is hoping to take her vows as a nun. … Continue reading

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Black Narcissus

Editor’s Note: I’m introducing a new category called Snapshots with this review. These are short takes on older films. Short takes because I’m either too lazy to attempt a full review or else I’m intimidated by the wealth of other … Continue reading

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