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Brick (Director: Rian Johnson, USA, 2005): After meet­ing Joseph Gordon-Levitt at SXSW a few weeks ago, I was determ­ined to track down this film, in which he plays a high school stu­dent whose ex-girl­­friend turns up dead. The inter­est­ing thing … Continue read­ing

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The Bridge will be on the Documentary Channel

From April 6–8, The Bridge will air on The Documentary Channel in Canada at 8 pm ET. If you were look­ing for a reason to add this chan­nel to your cable or satel­lite sub­scrip­tion then this is it. The Bridge … Continue read­ing

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Eagle vs Shark

Eagle vs Shark (Director: Taika Waititi, New Zealand, 2007): I’d had my eye on this film since it played at Sundance and when I got the chance to see it at SXSW in the stor­ied Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in down­town … Continue read­ing

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Junebug (Director: Phil Morrison, USA, 2005): Brilliant! An instant favour­ite. How did I miss such a per­fect film? Director Phil Morrison has cre­ated an incred­ible piece of art with writer Angus MacLachlan. Everything from the dia­logue, cast­ing, cine­ma­to­graphy, music and … Continue read­ing

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TMNT (Director: Kevin Munroe, USA/Hong Kong, 2007): If you’re over the age of ten, you might not know that TMNT stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you’re under the age of ten, you might not know that TMNT was … Continue read­ing

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