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His Girl Friday

Tonight we watched His Girl Friday (1940), another “Cary Grant tries to win back his ex-wife” story. Except in this one, he’s a newspaper editor, his ex-wife (Rosalind Russell) is his star reporter, and it takes place at about one … Continue reading

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Packed Weekend

The weekend was packed, as usual. Highlights include: seeing the National Ballet of Canada on Saturday afternoon. It was a mixed programme, but I was there to see Monotones I & II, choreographed by Frederick Ashton. The music was Erik … Continue reading

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Ghost World

This evening, I finally got around to watching Ghost World, the DVD of which my wife bought me more than a week ago. We hadn’t seen it in the theatre, but I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. As a fan … Continue reading

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Waking Life Snubbed

I agree with Roger Ebert, who says Richard Linklater’s Waking Life was unfairly overlooked in the Best Animated Feature category in this year’s Oscar nominations. His theory is that Hollywood and its huge CGI industry didn’t like an indie film … Continue reading

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Golden Globe Winner

In honour of Gene Hackman, I’m off to see The Royal Tenenbaums again tonight!

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