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Cure for Love

Cure for Love (Directors: Francine Pelletier and Christina Willings): I first heard about this documentary almost a year ago, and excitedly wrote to the filmmakers asking for a copy. To my shame, I’ve had that copy for almost eight months … Continue reading

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Cannes Film Festival 2009

For the past week, I’ve been observing the annual Cannes Film Festival from afar, content to experience it via Twitter and the blogs of critics I admire. Although I doubt I’ll ever actually get to attend, I love the anticipation … Continue reading

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Steel Homes

Steel Homes (Director: Eva Weber): I’m not in the habit of reviewing shorts, but as it happens, I ran into the director of Steel Homes at a Hot Docs party and she eagerly pressed a copy of her film into … Continue reading

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SoleJourney (Directors: Kate Burns and Sheila E. Schroeder): I’ve admired the work of Rev. Dr. Mel White and the Soulforce organization for years now and this documentary, partially funded by Soulforce, promised to shed some light on the organization’s continuing … Continue reading

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Hot Docs 2009 Meme-tagged!

Sarcastic thanks are in order to doc blogger Pamela Cohn, who has dragged me into a blogging meme based on this year’s Hot Docs festival. As if I haven’t done enough writing about it already (and with another five reviews … Continue reading

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