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Cure for Love

Cure for Love (Directors: Francine Pelletier and Christina Willings): I first heard about this doc­u­ment­ary almost a year ago, and excitedly wrote to the film­makers ask­ing for a copy. To my shame, I’ve had that copy for almost eight months … Continue read­ing

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Cannes Film Festival 2009

For the past week, I’ve been observing the annual Cannes Film Festival from afar, con­tent to exper­i­ence it via Twitter and the blogs of crit­ics I admire. Although I doubt I’ll ever actu­ally get to attend, I love the anti­cip­a­tion … Continue read­ing

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Steel Homes

Steel Homes (Director: Eva Weber): I’m not in the habit of review­ing shorts, but as it hap­pens, I ran into the dir­ector of Steel Homes at a Hot Docs party and she eagerly pressed a copy of her film into … Continue read­ing

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SoleJourney (Directors: Kate Burns and Sheila E. Schroeder): I’ve admired the work of Rev. Dr. Mel White and the Soulforce organ­iz­a­tion for years now and this doc­u­ment­ary, par­tially fun­ded by Soulforce, prom­ised to shed some light on the organization’s con­tinu­ing … Continue read­ing

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Hot Docs 2009 Meme-tagged!

Sarcastic thanks are in order to doc blog­ger Pamela Cohn, who has dragged me into a blog­ging meme based on this year’s Hot Docs fest­ival. As if I haven’t done enough writ­ing about it already (and with another five reviews … Continue read­ing

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