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Last year, I was very excited by the first “sea­son” of FUTURESTATES, a series of shorts com­mis­sioned by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) to explore the fol­low­ing ques­tion: ” What will become of America in five, 25, or even 50 … Continue read­ing

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1234 (Director: Giles Borg): Nerdy Stevie has been play­ing music with his pal Neil for years, but when they con­vince ambi­tious gui­tar­ist Billy and his pretty bassist friend Emily to form a band, they might just be onto some­thing. Or … Continue read­ing

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New British Cinema Quarterly Annual 2010

Ah, Britain! Land of snarky but usu­ally intel­li­gent crit­ics and beau­­ti­­fully-designed magazines! And home to a film industry per­petu­ally beat­ing up on itself. Although every country’s film industry has its ups and downs, there seems to be an inor­din­ate amount … Continue read­ing

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God in America

God in America (Directors: David Belton and Sarah Colt): America has always rep­res­en­ted a place where almost any­thing is pos­sible, where people can start over and from where new ideas, philo­sophies and move­ments emerge. This six-part series from PBS explores … Continue read­ing

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Kati with an I

Kati with an I is screen­ing on Monday February 14 at 8pm at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. Kati with an I (Director: Robert Greene): Shot mostly over a tumul­tu­ous three-day period lead­ing up to Kati’s … Continue read­ing

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