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enRoute Film Festival 2009

Over time, I’ve grown to appre­ci­ate short films more and more, and since their oppor­tun­it­ies for the­at­rical release are so lim­ited, I’m always glad to see shorts pop­ping up in inter­est­ing places. For the past few years, Air Canada has … Continue read­ing

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Nordic Nights in Toronto

Though there’s scarcely any men­tion of it online, I’ve just been noti­fied about a monthly screen­ing series of Finnish and Icelandic films that takes place at the NFB Mediatheque (150 John St.). Tickets for the Icelandic films are $8, while … Continue read­ing

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The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid (Director: Franny Armstrong): I’ve been fol­low­ing the story of this film for more than a year now and was glad to finally be able to see it last night at the Canadian premiere. The Age of … Continue read­ing

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Good News for Icelandic Cinema Buffs

Well, I should cla­rify. Good news for fans of Icelandic cinema, that is. If you’re a cinema buff from Iceland, this post may only be of interest to a sub­set of you. In any case, des­pite being under­whelmed by the … Continue read­ing

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Air Doll (Kûki ningyô)

Air Doll (Kûki ningyô) (Director: Hirokazu Kore-eda): The premise of Air Doll seems silly at best, sala­cious at worst: an inflat­able sex doll comes to life. In the hands of another dir­ector, the res­ult­ing film would prob­ably have been a … Continue read­ing

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