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Royal Tenenbaums Prop Auction

This is cool: they’re auc­tion­ing off some of the props from the other must-see film of the sea­son, Wes Anderson’s Royal Tenenbaums. These would make nice Christmas presents!

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Lord of the Rings

Leave it to the Globe and Mail (”Canada’s National Newspaper”) to print a cranky review of Fellowship of the Ring. Reviews else­where have been almost uni­ver­sally great. I prob­ably won’t get to see it until at least the week­end, but … Continue read­ing

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Two Warriors

Yesterday, I watched not one, but two sweep­ing his­tor­ical biop­ics. In the after­noon, I watched Patton (1970), star­ring George C. Scott. In the even­ing, it was Gandhi (1982), with Ben Kingsley. Two men, both war­ri­ors of a sort, but com­pletely … Continue read­ing

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Old Movies

The week­end was spent in front of the tube, watch­ing old movies. This is prob­ably a pre-empt­ive strike against the sort of frantic last-minute shop­ping I’ll have to do for the next couple of week­ends. I’m also behind on sev­eral … Continue read­ing

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