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Calvet (Director: Dominic Allan): The story that Jean-Marc Calvet tells in this essentially one-man show is so unbelievable that you might find yourself not believing it. But director Allan, who doesn’t appear in the film, was on hand to assure … Continue reading

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Bomber (Director: Paul Cotter): A well-edited trailer and an interesting premise drew me to this film, and I have to say up front that Bomber didn’t quite live up to expectations. It’s a film I wanted to like. Ross is … Continue reading

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Flower in the Pocket

Flower in the Pocket (Director: Liew Seng Tat): Just before the screening, I overheard someone praising the Malaysian filmmakers’ ability to tell interesting stories on miniscule budgets and then when the film was introduced, it was revealed that this film … Continue reading

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The Savages

The Savages (2007, Director: Tamara Jenkins): Described by at least one critic as a “coming-of-middle-age” film, Tamara Jenkins’ quietly powerful film covers some ground familiar to many of us entering (or enduring) our forties. John Savage (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and … Continue reading

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The Bodybuilder and I

Editor’s Note: In addition to Jay and myself, from time to time we’d like to feature some guest reviewers who can help us cover even more films than we can on our own. Brooke Smith is a professional journalist and … Continue reading

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