2014 TIFF CAST Awards Announcement

UPDATE (September 23, 2014): Due to an over­sight, one bal­lot that was sub­mit­ted on time wasn’t tab­u­lated. I’ve adjus­ted the res­ults accord­ingly, and there have been some changes to the Top 10. My apo­lo­gies for the incon­veni­ence.
I’d like to ded­ic­ate this edi­tion of the CAST Awards to our friend Peter Chu (@pchu1234), who passed away in June. His favour­ite film from last year’s TIFF was Gravity and his Twitter avatar was the poster image from The Tree of Life and I don’t think I can add any­thing to that.

For the third year in a row, I’ve com­piled a spe­cial edi­tion of the CAST Awards, just based on what people saw dur­ing the Toronto International Film Festival. Here are the CAST Top 10 based on the votes of 29 sub­mit­ted bal­lots. Voters ranked up to 10 films on their bal­lot from top to bot­tom, with first choices receiv­ing 10 points, second choices 9, etc. The Points column lists the total score for each film, Mentions indic­ates how many voters included it in their Top Ten, Average is the aver­age point score, and Firsts shows how many voters chose it as their favour­ite TIFF film.

In the case of points ties, the film with the higher num­ber of first-place votes is lis­ted first, then by highest aver­age score. Because our sample size is quite small, these “rank­ings” don’t actu­ally mean much, but I thought it would give a good idea of what this par­tic­u­lar group of fest­ival­go­ers enjoyed this year. I’m curi­ous to see how many of these show up in our reg­u­lar year-end CAST bal­lot and how they do.

Nightcrawler - Tony Gilroy
The Look of Silence - Joshua OppenheimerWhiplash - Damian Chazelle
Mommy - Xavier DolanThe Duke of Burgundy - Peter StricklandClouds of Sils Maria - Olivier Assayas
What We Do in the Shadows - Taika WaititiForce Majeure - Ruben OstlundTop Five - Chris RockThe Guest - Adam Wingard

1. Nightcrawler 69 9 7.67 2
2. The Look of Silence 52 6 8.67 4
3. Whiplash 50 6 8.33 0
4. Mommy 49 5 9.8 4
5. The Duke of Burgundy 49 7 7.0 2
6. Clouds of Sils Maria 49 7 7.0 1
7. What We Do in the Shadows 41 7 5.86 1
8. Force Majeure 40 6 6.67 1
9. Top Five 37 5 7.4 1
10. The Guest 36 9 4.0 0


Here is a PDF with each person’s bal­lot and the full col­lated res­ults, with a few more inter­est­ing stats included.

And for those still read­ing, here is my final TIFF CAST bal­lot. There are only 7 films because that’s all I was able to see this year:


  1. The Look of Silence
  2. Mommy
  3. Clouds of Sils Maria
  4. Behavior
  5. 1001 Grams
  6. Natural Resistance
  7. National Diploma
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