Shinsedai Festival 2010

Shinsedai is back for a second year. After a successful inaugural edition last August, co-programmers Chris Magee (J-Film Powwow) and Jasper Sharp (Midnight Eye) have curated an even stronger lineup of new independent Japanese cinema. This year’s festival runs from July 22-25 at the gorgeous Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. For such a young festival, Shinsedai has been able to attract not only a strong lineup, but a significant number of directors and actors will actually be making the trip to introduce their films and conduct Q&A sessions with the audience.

If you’re interested in where Japanese cinema is heading, you need to check out the Shinsedai Cinema Festival. Check the site for film listings, schedule, ticket prices and directions.

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  1. And you! Though this comment makes it look like we met at Shinsedai when it was actually at a pub. 🙂

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