Toronto After Dark Festival 2010

It seems like I’m posting nothing but film festival announcements these days. Fantasia, Shinsedai, and now the big little genre festival that is Toronto After Dark. Now in its fifth year, this intimate 8-day festival (August 13-20), held entirely at the Bloor Cinema, is really hitting its stride. The just-announced lineup is guaranteed to have folks lining up around the block, especially with these in the mix:

  • Saturday August 14, 6:00pm: Doghouse – another politically incorrect entry in the burgeoning British horror-comedy canon (Shaun of the Dead, Lesbian Vampire Killers).
  • Sunday August 15, 8:45pm: HIGH School – For the horror fraidy-cats (like me!), a stoner comedy featuring Adrien Brody as a pot dealer. Well, that actually sounds pretty scary.
  • Monday August 16, 6:00pm: The Last Exorcism – I’ve been curious about this Eli-Roth produced film since it was still being called Cotton. Director Daniel Stamm directed the excellent but little-seen A Necessary Death.
  • Wednesday August 18, 6:00pm: Centurion – I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this violent sword-and-sandals tale, directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent).
  • Friday August 20, 6:00pm: Rubber – a philosophical take on a murderous tire? Yes, it’s French.
  • Friday August 20, 8:45pm: The Human Centipede: First Sequence (Closing Gala) – this notorious film will almost certainly sell out first.

And this isn’t even half of the lineup. Films screen just once, so you’ll need to buy your tickets as soon as possible. I suggest NOW. And I’ll see you After Dark.

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2 Responses to Toronto After Dark Festival 2010

  1. I’m really looking forward to Centurion and Rubber – they both look amazing, and Centurion I was so worried I wouldn’t see it ever on the big screen, but TAD is delivering!

    Lots of comedy on deck this year, I can’t believe it but I actually laughed a lot at the HIGH School trailer. I’m already kind of freaking out about Human Centipede though… it just looks… messed!

  2. vm says:

    Maybe Human Centipede is this year’s Tokyo Gore Police?

    Looking forward to your reviews, looks like I’ll be missing the whole festival due to work.

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