Shinsedai Festival 2009

Co-founded by my friend Chris Magee from authoritative Japanese film blog J-Film Pow-Wow, the inaugural Shinsedai Festival will take place from August 21-23, 2009 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Subtitled The New Generation Japanese Film Festival (“shinsedai” is a Japanese term meaning “new generation”), this three-day event promises to screen some of the best new independent films coming out of Japan today.

Here is the lineup so far, though I believe this may be augmented in the weeks to come:

  • Electric Button (Moon and Cherry) (Dir: Yuki Tanada)
  • Freeter’s Distress (Dir: Hiroki Iwabuchi)
  • Hottentot Apron: A Sketch (Dir: Rei Shirichi)
  • Naked of Defenses (Dir: Masahide Ichii)
  • Now, I… (Dir: Yasutomo Chikuma)
  • Peaches (Bunny in Hovel, emerger & Ciskopost) (Dir: Mayumi Yabe, Aki Sato, Yumiko Beppu)
  • Suzuki & Co. (Dir: Kazuo Kono)
  • The New God (Dir: Yutaka Tsuchiya)
  • Vortex & Others: 5 Short Films (Dir: Yoshihiro Ito)

More information, including trailers and reviews, available from the festival web site.

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