Through the wonders of Twitter, I discovered today that domain name expert (and Toronto native) Bill Sweetman has officially launched Hollywoozy, a blog about domain names for Hollywood movies. Bill gives the studios a star rating from one to fivebased on the quality of the domain name they’ve registered for each film. It’s a weird idea that just might be crazy enough to work. Haven’t you ever wondered why your favourite film’s website is so hard to remember, or why they have to add “movie” to everything? Hollywoozy will enlighten you.

But I have to wonder just a little about Bill’s own choice for the blog’s title and domain name. Is it memorable? Sure. But does it give any clue what the blog is about? Not really. I guess it was better than HollywoodMoviesDomainNamesRatings.com.

Kidding aside, I am glad that not only is this an interesting corner of the film marketing world to cover (this will join Chris Thilk’s Movie Marketing Madness blog in my Google Reader feeds), but that Bill can use this potentially entertaining subject to educate people a little about naming domains.

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2 Responses to Hollywoozy

  1. Hi James, thanks so much for mentioning Hollywoozy on your blog.

    I know you’re just teasing about my choice of names and domain names for my site, however I thought you’d be amused to know that I also own and forward the following domain names to Hollywoozy:

    and (for the cinephiles)


    It’s great to discover your blog this way. Keep up the great work!


  2. James McNally says:

    You domain name experts think of everything! Thanks for your comment, Bill, and good luck with the blog!

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