Dispatches from Moen

After receiving another well-written and insightful, though lengthy, email from my friend Moen, I decided to ask him if I could post it here. You see, Moen is a genuine cinephile. He sees literally HUNDREDS of films a year. So many, in fact, that he wouldn’t have time to blog about them all. But he knows what he likes, and is able to recall details months or years later that I didn’t notice in the first place. Around this time of the year, pre-Oscars, he sends out his selection of great films from the previous year. I’m going to post his list of the best American films of the year, and he promises another email soon with his choices for best performances of the year. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these as much as I do. Please comment and let him know what you think. I’m hoping he’ll be chuffed enough to keep contributing.

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