We finally went to see Adaptation (2002) last night. Though I’m still not feeling particularly articulate after seeing five films in four days, I will say it’s probably the best film I’ve seen this year. I just smiled and giggled my way through it, constantly amused and surprised. And Nicolas Cage, once at the top of my list of favourite actors (mostly for Raising Arizona (1987), mind you), has climbed back up the list after an astounding plummet. There will be awards given to this film, though I’m surprised so few people seem to have seen it so far. Get thee to a multiplex!

Also, exchanged Christmas gifts with my friend Brent tonight. I gave him The Simpsons – The Complete Second Season, and he gave me…the same thing. I lived with Brent so long we just think the same way. We did this last Christmas too, I think.

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