TIFF 2007: Preliminaries, Part 5

Gone with the Woman (Tatt av kvinnen)

Gone with the Woman (Tatt av kvinnen) (Director: Peter Næss): Combine the director of Elling (review) with the star of The Bothersome Man (review) and you have something that I am very tempted to make room for. Trond Fausa Aurvaag stars as the nameless Him who falls, bewildered, into love for the first time only to have his heart broken. Then, just when he’s getting over her, she returns. This sounds like a typically dry Nordic comedy, and check out that poster.

Teaser Trailer
Official Site


4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (4 luni, 3 s&acaron;pt&acaron;mîni şi 2 zile)

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (4 luni, 3 s&acaron;pt&acaron;mîni şi 2 zile) (Director: Cristian Mungiu): Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Mungiu’s film follows a pregnant young woman and her best friend in 1980s Romania as they try to obtain an illegal abortion. This could be grim, but the reviews have been positive.

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Chacun son Cinéma (To Each His Own Cinema)

Chacun son Cinéma (To Each His Own Cinema) (Director: Various): This omnibus film was assembled in honour of Cannes 60th anniversary this year, and brings together 33 directors. Each contributes a three-minute short on the theme of what cinema meand to them. According to the Cannes press release, “Each director was totally free to make his own three-minute film on the theme of the movie theatre, a place sacred to the world’s film buffs.” Though this is already available on DVD in Europe, it seems somehow wrong not to see the film in the setting it honours, on a giant screen in a darkened room filled with film buffs like me.

I Travelled 9,000 km to Give It To You (Wong Kar-Wai)
Dans l’Obscurité (Darkness) (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes)
Movie Night (Zhang Yimou)


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4 Responses to TIFF 2007: Preliminaries, Part 5

  1. Sinéad says:

    Have you even seen the movie? It is far from dry. Quite a few Norwegian movies are worth watching, for example Gone with the Woman, Bare Bea, Fritt Vilt. The movie poster is pretty lame and obviously trying to associate with Gone with the Wind. How about you watch movies before you write them off as bad next.

  2. James McNally says:

    Do you read blog entries, Sinead? I was saying this was a movie I WANTED to see. I like “dry” humour. I reviewed The Bothersome Man and Elling and linked those from this entry but I’m pretty sure you didn’t read that, either. Come back and comment anytime, but please be constructive. 🙂

  3. Sinéad says:

    My bad. No I haven’t read any of your blog entries before. I just stumbled upon them when looking for the poster of Gone with the Woman. If you haven’t already seen the movie, I definetly think you’ll like it, esp. if you did enjoy Elling.

  4. James McNally says:

    No problem. I’m glad you came back, actually! I’ll probably need to catch Gone with the Woman on DVD since I doubt it will get released theatrically over here. The poster was definitely eye-catching!

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