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Blind Spots: Psycho

This post is part of the Blind Spots 2012 series. For background on the series, read the original post Psycho (Director: Alfred Hitchcock): One of the first things I noticed about this classic horror film is how Hitchcock works hard … Continue reading

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Backyard (Director: Árni Sveinsson): While it’s true that I’ve long been a fan of Icelandic cinema, I have been a fan of Icelandic music for even longer. In the late 1980s, a band called The Sugarcubes and their elfin singer … Continue reading

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The Hour (BBC)

Editor’s Note: The Hour will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US and Canada on February 7 by BBC America. You can help Toronto Screen Shots by buying from or For my Canadian readers, I must … Continue reading

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The Palace

The Palace (Director: Anthony Maras): Perhaps it’s fitting that so soon after hosting the first Shorts That Are Not Pants screening, I was asked to review a batch of shorts in contention for this year’s Oscars®. First up is The … Continue reading

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Blind Spots: Directors

Okay, this is definitely not meant to add to my already burdensome film-viewing workload for 2012, but as I was thinking about the idea of cinematic blind spots, I wondered about the idea of larger gaps of knowledge. How many … Continue reading

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