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Cold Weather

Cold Weather (Director: Aaron Katz): I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit disappointed with Aaron Katz’s third feature. I’d been turned away from a sold-out screening at SXSW all the way back in March and … Continue reading

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Lovers of Hate

Lovers of Hate (Director: Bryan Poyser): I’m happy to use this review to introduce a new category on the blog. Late last month, Netflix finally brought their streaming movie service to Canada. Sure there have been the expected complaints that … Continue reading

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Woodpecker is available on DVD from Carnivalesque Films. You can buy the film directly from their web site. Woodpecker (Director: Alex Karpovsky): Hope, Emily Dickinson taught us, is the thing with feathers: Hope is the thing with feathers That perches … Continue reading

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Team Picture

Team Picture (Director: Kentucker Audley): Number 5 from indie distributor Benten Films, Team Picture shares the “mumblecore” lo-fi slacker ethos of previous releases like LOL (review) and Quiet City (review) and the rural working-class setting of The Guatemalan Handshake (review). … Continue reading

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Funny Ha Ha

Funny Ha Ha (2002, Director: Andrew Bujalski): Perhaps the first of the films later lumped together as “mumblecore,” Funny Ha Ha was written and directed by 27-year-old Harvard film graduate Andrew Bujalski. Made on a shoestring budget with non-professional actors, … Continue reading

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