Sean Farnel Moving On From Hot Docs

After six years at the helm, Hot Docs Director of Programming Sean Farnel is moving on. In an eloquent blog post, he reveals that he’s not sure what’s next:

I embrace the notion of having some room to roam, to being a professional omnivore, a free agent, and at some point to taking your calls to persuade me to settle down.

Sean has been someone who has been tremendously influential and helpful to me in my own “career” in film. Through him, I was able to contribute to two Hot Docs festivals as a programming consultant, and he’s always been willing to make time for me when I needed advice, or simply to talk docs. And knowing how much of a hockey fan he is, it’s also been tremendously gratifying to be involved in a playoff hockey pool with him for the past two years (and thrashing him thoroughly this time around!).

I have no doubt that Sean will continue to contribute to the documentary film community, and I hope you’ll join me in wishing him personal and professional success with whatever he chooses to do next.

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