Roger’s Rules of Order

The legendary Roger Ebert has posted a lengthy but hilarious diatribe in the form of his “little rule book” for film critics. I nervously glanced through to make sure I hadn’t committed any of the sins mentioned, and can truthfully tell you that (so far), I’m still fairly righteous. Though it’s a funny piece, it does have a serious intent behind it:

“We can’t be too careful. Employers are eager to replace us with Celeb Info-Nuggets that will pimp to the mouth-breathers, who underline the words with their index fingers whilst they watch television.”

Luckily, or unluckily, I don’t work for anyone, so I’m in no danger of being replaced. But I do want to maintain my self-respect, which is why secretly I think I avoid setting up interviews with the actors and directors whose work I love in fear of coming across like a fanboy.

(via Karina, who dishes up some dirt on the target of Ebert’s sermonizing)

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