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The Trip

The Trip (Director: Michael Winterbottom): Hastily edited down from its original form as a six-episode television series made for the BBC, Michael Winterbottom’s latest collaboration with Coogan and Brydon is a great showcase for their improvisational talent, but the plot … Continue reading

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Bjarnfreðarson (Director: Ragnar Bragason): Based on a popular Icelandic television show, Bjarnfreðarson topped the domestic box office for several weeks last Christmastime, besting even James Cameron’s Avatar. Although I suspect that familiarity with some of the TV show’s plotlines would … Continue reading

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In what is likely to be the only piece of non-Hot Docs-related news for the next little while, I’m happy to announce that BBC America/BBC Canada this week released Seasons (or more accurately, Series) 1 and 2 of Adrian Hodges’ … Continue reading

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Top Gear Seasons 11 and 12

Editor’s Note: Top Gear Seasons 11 and 12 were released on DVD in the US and Canada on January 12 by Warner Brothers. You can help Toronto Screen Shots by buying from or I don’t own a car. … Continue reading

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Clubland (Director: Eric Geringas): In the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district you’ll find 60 night clubs and 25 bars packed into 1.5 square kilometres. On the weekends, this part of the city becomes “Clubland.” Over 50,000 people crowd the streets … Continue reading

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