NFB Mediatheque is Now Free!

NFB Digital Viewing Station

The National Film Board of Canada recently made its entire catalogue of films available for free online viewing, which is great if you have regular access to a computer with a fast Internet connection. For others, at least in Toronto and Montréal, your alternative is to strap yourself into one of the funky personal digital viewing stations at the Toronto Mediatheque or the Montréal CineRobotheque where you can watch films to your heart’s content for just $2/day. In yet another example of the NFB’s leadership, it is doing away with the fee altogether as of May 1st, which means free NFB films for (just about) everyone.

If you’re not being swept up next week by Hot Docs, or even if you are, drop by the Mediatheque at 150 John St. and check out some of the NFB’s 5,500 films for free!

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