NFB Launches New Screening Room

National Film Board of Canada

Canada’s world-renowned National Film Board has launched a brand-new screening room section on their website, allowing free access to more than 700 films, clips and trailers. Included at launch are such animated classics as The Cat Came Back and The Sweater, documentary Earth to Mouth (early work from Up the Yangtze (review) director Yung Chang), and Oscar-winning short doc If You Love This Planet. And I found all of those within ten minutes of browsing. This will be a massive resource for film lovers in Canada, though I’m not quite sure whether licensing restrictions will apply outside our borders. If you’re viewing this site from outside Canada, please click over and let me know if you can stream the films.

I’m leaking this news a bit, since the official press conference isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m just so delighted that all the riches of the NFB are now available right from my desktop.

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3 Responses to NFB Launches New Screening Room

  1. Matt says:

    Hey James – Thanks for the shout-out.

    Right now there’s no geo-blocking anywhere on the site. We’re trying to avoid it wherever possible. In the future, you’re right, we may have to geo-block a few films due to rights-issues.


  2. James McNally says:

    Thanks Matt! That’s good news for film lovers and hopefully gets the NFB more exposure. And I appreciate your stance, even though I know it may depend on the film. Congratulations on the launch, too. Nice work!

  3. ADAM says:

    Now if only the site wasnt down i would actually remember about this a week from now. Hopeful it goes up before i forget about all of this.

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