Xiara’s Song

Xiara’s Song (USA, 2004, Director: Liz Garbus, 36 minutes): Xiara is a precocious 7-year-old whose beloved father is in prison. She is not alone. More than 10 million children in the US have a parent incarcerated. This film examines the effect on the life of young Xiara. It’s clear that she idolizes her rapper father, and tries to stay connected with him by writing her own songs that she can sing to him over the phone. But she’s also angry and takes her frustration out on her mother, who has broken up with Xiara’s father. At one point, she admits that she started stealing, hoping that she would be caught and sent to the same prison as her dad. Despite his attempts to steer her clear of trouble, it’s unclear whether this bright and beautiful little girl will be able to hold her life together without his presence.


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