Final Two Films

My final two films of the film festival:

  • Before Night Falls – Directed by artist Julian Schnabel (who also directed Basquiat), this tells the heartbreaking true story of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, persecuted, imprisoned, and finally allowed to leave Cuba, only to die of AIDS at the age of 47. Beautifully shot, and lovingly acted, with cameos from Sean Penn and Johnny Depp. Any biographical film that makes me want to run out and find more about the subject is a success. 8/10
  • Comédie de l’innocence – This one was creepy. A child decides one day that his mother is not his real mother, and takes her to an address where he says his real mother lives, a woman who lost her own child in a drowning accident two years earlier. Very Hitchcockian, especially the music, and left a few loose ends (or maybe I just couldn’t make the connections). Excellent underplayed performances, especially by the child, and Isabelle Huppert as his mother. 8/10
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