Yet More Films

Yet more films:

  • Possible Worlds – Canadian film directed by Robert Lepage, a well known theatre director. This was an awkward mixture of philosophical “arty” film and B-movie sci-fi schlock. When someone says the line, “They took his brain,” how good can it be? This rates a 6/10
  • Loners – From the Czech Republic, where everyone is gorgeous. That’s the impression I was left with. A very sharp, funny film with no particularly deep message. And according to the director, the pot smoked in the film was “mostly real”! This is a solid 7/10.
  • The King is Alive – Directed by Kristian Levring, one of the founders of the Dogme 95 movement (ie. filmed entirely on location with digital cameras), this is about a group of tourists who become stranded after their bus breaks down in the North African desert. As starvation looms, they decide to stage a performance of “King Lear.” Great ensemble cast, including Janet McTeer and Jennifer Jason Leigh, although it’s typically Scandinavian (gloomy…) This was an 8/10.

Two films left, and then it’s over for another year.

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