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Bubble (USA, director Steven Soderbergh): Not quite sure how to write about this one. Bubble feels like a bit of an exercise for Soderbergh. First of all, it was shot in HD (high-definition) digital video, and this makes the visuals … Continue reading

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Full Frontal and CQ

Great feature on Apple’s web site about Steven Soderbergh’s new movie Full Frontal, which was filmed and edited on consumer level equipment. Soderbergh continues to be a fascinating director and the film should be an interesting departure for him after … Continue reading

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Oscars 2001

Oscars were good last night. Glad to see that Traffic won most of its nominations, although it should have taken Best Picture, too, in my opinion. Steven Soderbergh is the best director working today. I got to see him in … Continue reading

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Movie Catch Up

Well, I’m back. I took a longer than expected break and caught up on some movies. Over the weekend, Brooke and I rented Erin Brockovich and Any Given Sunday. I loved the former, liked the latter. I definitely think Steven … Continue reading

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