2016 Hot Docs CAST Awards Announcement

For the second year running, I’ve compiled a special edition of the CAST Awards, just based on what people saw during Hot Docs. Here are the CAST Top 10 based on the votes of 14 submitted ballots. Voters ranked up to 10 films on their ballot from top to bottom, with first choices receiving 10 points, second choices 9, etc. The Points column lists the total score for each film, Mentions indicates how many voters included it in their Top Ten, Average is the average point score, and Firsts shows how many voters chose it as their favourite Hot Docs film.

In the case of points ties, the film with the higher number of first-place votes is listed first, then by highest average score. Because our sample size is quite small, these “rankings” don’t actually mean much, but I thought it would give a good idea of what this particular group of festivalgoers enjoyed this year. I’m curious to see how many of these show up in our regular year-end CAST ballot and how they do.

Tickled - David Farrier and Dylan Reeve
How To Build A Time Machine - Jay CheelTower - Keith Maitland
Life, Animated - Roger Ross WilliamsWeiner - Josh Kriegman and Elyse SteinbergContemporary Color - Bill Ross and Turner Ross
Credit for Murder -  Vladi AntoneviczNorman Lear: Just Another Version of You - Heidi Ewing and Rachel GradyLo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World - Werner HerzogThe Slippers - Morgan White

1. Tickled 70 10 7.00 3
2. How to Build a Time Machine 49 6 8.17 3
3. Tower 40 5 8.00 2
4. Life, Animated 38 5 7.60 2
5. Weiner 21 4 5.25 0
6. Contemporary Color 20 2 10.00 2
7. Credit for Murder 19 2 9.50 1
8. Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You 19 3 6.33 0
9. Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World 18 3 6.00 0
10. The Slippers 18 3 6.00 0


Here is a PDF with each person’s ballot and the full collated results, with a few more interesting stats included.

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