2011 SXSW Film Festival Preview

I’m excited to be headed to Austin on Thursday for my 11th South by Southwest. Once known primarily as a music festival, in recent years the Interactive and Film components have grown and now it’s pretty daunting for a media omnivore like me. This time, I’m only staying until the 17th, and so will miss the Music entirely and about half of the film screenings. Nevertheless, I wanted to point out some highlights from the film program that look interesting. Whether you’re in Austin or not, look out for these films in the weeks and months to come. And with any luck, I’ll be able to see and review at least a couple of these.

A Bag of Hammers

A Bag of Hammers (Director: Brian Crano): Based on the director’s short films (Official Selection, Rubberheart) his cast (Todd Louiso, Rebecca Hall!), and the short but sweet trailer (featuring The Cure’s awesome “Lovecats”), this feature debut looks like it has plenty of potential to be a goofy comedy in the vein of Dumb and Dumber.



Blacktino (Director: Aaron Burns): A locally-made comedy about a half-black, half-Latino overweight drama-loving high school nerd. Apart from the black, Latino, overweight, drama stuff, this is basically about me. Comedies about smart outsiders appeal to me.


Natural Selection

Natural Selection (Director: Robbie Pickering): A comedy about what happens when a dutiful Christian wife sets off to find her dying husband’s illegitimate son.


Sound of My Voice

Sound of My Voice (Director: Zal Batmanglij): A young couple infiltrate a cult, but find themselves falling under the spell of the leader, an enigmatic woman named Maggie who never leaves her basement.



Terri (Director: Azazel Jacobs): Another high school nerd story, featuring John C. Reilly as a principal who befriends the titular student. I loved Azazel Jacobs’ The GoodTimesKid (review) and am interested in following his work, wherever it might take me.


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