Of Time and the City

Of Time and the City

Of Time and the City (2008, Director: Terence Davies): Davies’ first film since 2000’s The House of Mirth, and his first documentary, Of Time and the City has been described as a love letter to his birthplace of Liverpool. Even though he hasn’t lived in the city for many years, he grew up here during the 50s and 60s, and it’s this now-vanished place that he remembers. Using his own voiceover makes the film extremely personal, and this particularity gives the film its emotional power. However, it can also make it hard for many people to connect with. Davies is a truly unique voice, and his love/hate relationship with Liverpool encompasses his lifelong struggle with his Catholicism and his homosexuality.

I’d love to say more, but unfortunately my screener was marred by a scratch that caused the film to stutter for about ten minutes right in the middle. This would definitely be worth a rewatch, preferably projected on a large screen.

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