Patrik 1,5

Patrik 1,5

Patrik 1,5 (2008, Director: Ella Lemhagen): Goran and Sven are a gay married couple who’ve just moved to the suburbs. They’re in the process of adopting and when they get the news that Patrik (“aged 1.5”) will be arriving soon, they’re ecstatic. But when the Patrik who shows up is a 15-year-old homophobic delinquent, things quickly go off the rails. Though their neighbours seem tolerant, it’s obvous they’re not completely comfortable with this unusual family. To make things worse, Patrik’s arrival throws a wrench into the couple’s relationship, too. Sven had previously been married to a woman and fathered a child and seems uncomfortable that his life seems to be resuming a similar shape. Will Goran’s dream of being a husband and father and having a house in the suburbs survive the arrival of this sullen teenager? Well, of course it will.

Though I found this romantic comedy quite touching, it was just a bit too sentimental to make it really great. Patrik’s delinquency never seems to become apparent, and I could see the happy ending coming from a mile away. Still, it was refreshing to see a film about a gay couple struggling with some of the same issues as me and my wife do.

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