Ibid (2008, Director: Russell Friedenberg): Billed as a sort of road movie about two escaped mental patients on a quest from God to write “new commandments” before the world ends, Ibid is actually a mess of styles and techniques that thinks it’s being clever. As a first feature, the film could be forgiven for the borrowings from other directors and other decades. But when it becomes self-referential (are the two escapees simply acting in a play?), it loses any narrative thread completely and we end up literally wandering in the desert with a cast of crazy people.

Ibid reminded me quite a bit of Roger Corman’s Gas-s-s-s! (review), only more pretentious and mystifying. I saw this with two friends and all three of us fell asleep for at least part of the film.

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  1. M. Derbecker says:

    I don’t know if we need another Gas-s-s at the best of times, so bravo for making it through in the first place. And your offer of a beer is tempting, let me know when you’re back in Toronto to discuss things cinematic. Cheers, Mike.

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