TIFF 2006: Final Schedule

When I dropped off our picks, we were in box 17 and the randomly-drawn starting box was 22. There were 40 boxes in all, so that meant we were in the 36th of 40 boxes. Bad news. Brooke got all ten of her films, which only figures. My friend Jay only got 3 of his 9 films (he got two tickets to one, though). I managed to get half of my ten choices. So, after more than three hours of lining up and lining up again this morning, here is my final schedule for this year. I only missed out on three films, since I was able to get tickets to alternate screenings for two others:

  • Saturday September 9, 12:15pm: The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (UK/Austria/Netherlands, Director: Sophie Fiennes)
  • Sunday September 10, 3:45pm: The Host (South Korea, Director: Bong Joon-ho)
  • Sunday September 10, 6:30pm: Offside (Iran, Director: Jafar Panahi)
  • Monday September 11, 5:30pm: The Way I Spent the End of the World (Romania, Director: Catalin Mitulescu)
  • Tuesday September 12, 8:15pm: The Sugar Curtain (France/Spain, Director: Camila Guzmán Urzúa)
  • Thursday September 14, 5:30pm: Blindsight (UK, Director: Lucy Walker)
  • Thursday September 14, 9:00pm: Exiled (Hong Kong, Director: Johnnie To)
  • Friday September 15, 6:15pm: El Ratón Pérez (The Hairy Tooth Fairy) (Argentina/Spain, Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini)
  • Saturday September 16, 11:45am: Glue (Argentina/UK, Director: Alexis Dos Santos)
  • Saturday September 16, 4:30pm: Lake of Fire (USA, Director: Tony Kaye)
  • Saturday September 16, 9:00pm: Lights in the Dusk (Finland/Germany/France, Director: Aki Kaurismäki)

9/15/06: I dropped Glue and picked up El Ratón Pérez (The Hairy Tooth Fairy), due to the Waking City game which starts tomorrow. As well, Brooke’s seeing the film tonight and wanted me to go with her.

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