Free Screening of NY Export: Opus Jazz


I know I’ve been going on an on about this film, and I promise to shut up soon. But NY Export: Opus Jazz (review) is a film that cries out to be seen on a large screen, and until now, it hasn’t received a theatrical release here in Toronto. I’m happy to tell you that you’re going to get a chance to see this great film for FREE this week. Thanks to Jeff Wright’s great ReFocus screening series, my favourite film of 2010 is screening on Wednesday December 15th at 8pm at Double Double Land (down the lane at 209 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market). You don’t need a ticket, but be aware that seating is first come, first served and the venue can only hold about 30 people comfortably. Since the film is only an hour, I’m wondering if they’ll run it again at 9pm if too many people show up. Let’s test that hypothesis, shall we?

I’m willing to venture that this may well be the best hour of your week.

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  1. Bob Turnbull says:

    I’d love to, but I’ll be a parent volunteer at Cubs that night. I know you’ve mentioned it for quite some time and I’ve been eager to see it, but alas, the stars are not aligned on this occasion…

    I hope they fill the place though.

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