Love You More

Love You More
Editor’s Note: Love You More is available on Wholphin No. 8, a great compilation of short films from the same people who publish McSweeney’s.

Love You More (Director: Sam Taylor-Wood): Based on a short story by English playwright Patrick Marber, this slice of life evocatively recalls the powerful combination of music geekery and sexual discovery that makes our teenage years so awkward and exciting. Buzzcocks fans Georgia and Peter meet at the record store on the day the band’s new single is coming out, but there’s only one copy. Cool Georgia invites the geeky Peter back to her place to listen to it. Their awkward attraction is unshackled as the 45 spins on the turntable, again and again.

In just 15 minutes, Taylor-Wood, known mostly for her photography, is able to convey so much. The swagger of teenagers, and the underlying terror of not knowing as much as you think. The way that shared musical taste can make you notice someone you never noticed before. The crumbling border between childhood and adulthood. It’s a beautiful piece of work, anchored in two brave performances and a couple of killer Buzzcocks singles.

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  1. etheriel says:

    Looks good. That is the eternal combination that never gets old. I’m going to have to try to see this!

    By the way, I couldn’t track down Toto le heros…if the offer is still open wouldn’t mind borrowing that from you sometime…

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