Cineforum to Close

Reg Hartt’s idiosyncratic Cineforum is shutting its doors after 16 years. I’ve seen the posters all over town for more than a decade, but never once got to go.

According to this Globe and Mail article, Hartt’s landlord is selling the house, where he has rented space since 1990, but Hartt has indicated he may reopen somewhere else in the future.

There are events going on December 23 and 25, if you can make it. It’s a shame I was never able to experience any of the weirdness on offer, but I’m hopeful this unique local microcinema will be resurrected in the near future.

UPDATE: No one can tell you about Cineforum more eloquently than Reg Hartt himself. I’m determined to try to get there in the next week or so. Anyone up for an excursion between Christmas and New Year’s?

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5 Responses to Cineforum to Close

  1. Wow, I’ve actually never made it there myself – even the times when I’ve lived walking distance from there. It will be wierd not to see the posters out, I hope they do re-open somewhere.

  2. James McNally says:

    Shannon, are you interested in going maybe in the week between Christmas and New Year’s? I think it would be a good show of support.

  3. In theory, I’d like to go but I didn’t see anything on the schedule that really piqued my interest.

  4. Phyllis says:

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it for The Gold Rush on Christmas. Can’t you keep going until you find another place?

  5. James McNally says:

    Thanks for your comment, Phyllis, but this is not Cineforum’s web site. You can find Reg’s site at

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