World Animation Day at the National Film Board

Get Animated!

October 28 is World Animation Day and our National Film Board is hosting Get Animated!, a series of screenings and presentations on the subject across the country. The best part? Everything is FREE! (Our tax dollars at work, yet again!). The Toronto Mediatheque at 150 John Street (at the corner of Queen, across from the nasty “Scotiabank” megaplex cinemas) has a full programme running from Thursday October 25th through Sunday the 28th.

I’d particularly recommend the October 25th presentation and discussion of Madame Tutli Putli, a jaw-dropping and eerie puppet animation that features the most realistic eyes I’ve ever seen in an animated film. The film has already picked up two awards and is a favourite to win an Oscar.

More information about other countries’ participation is available at the web site of the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation, where it is referred to as International Animation Day.

International Animation Day 2007

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