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Ok, everyone knows I love movies. But I just wanted to relate that I just voted on my 500th movie over at IMDB. For the record, the film was House of Sand and Fog (2003) and I gave it an 8.

Acción Mutante

Tonight, we watched one of two films I picked up from Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia. He directed one of our favourite films from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, called Crimen Ferpecto (Ferpect Crime) (2004), and I was happy to see two more of his films on DVD on one of my occasional visits to Bay Street Video.

Acción Mutante (Mutant Action) (1994) is his first film and it is set in a future society ruled by good-looking people. Acción Mutante are a terrorist group made up of disabled, ugly outcasts. Wacky and dark, but also full of biting satire about the media and the general superficiality of polite society.

We’ll watch the other one I picked up later this week. It’s called Muertos de Risa (Dying of Laughter) (1999) and it promises more skewering of the media and the entertainment business.

Note: I guess I’ve now voted on 501 films…

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