In typical fashion, the Raptors ended the Knicks’ eight-game losing streak last night. The Toronto Raptors are a talented and likeable bunch of guys who simply do not possess the aggressiveness needed to be a really successful franchise. They simply cannot lose to a team like the Knicks, at home, when just a few short weeks ago, they beat the Lakers on the road. And you know what? ESPN’s Jeffrey Denberg agrees with me. (End sports rant)

Last night, I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Apart from some (regrettably predictable) gibes at one character’s paper-thin Christian faith*, I loved everything about it. Great music, funny, even romantic. I especially liked the use of animation in places. Though probably not for everyone, this is a completely unique film which grew out of an off-Broadway show which grew out of a karaoke routine. The writer, director and star is John Cameron Mitchell, who should be given licence now to do whatever he wants to do in Hollywood.

*Remarkably similar to another portrayal in another otherwise smart movie, The Opposite of Sex (1998).

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