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Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad (Director: Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi, USA, 2007): Documenting the band Acrassicauda in Heavy Metal in Baghdad was a “risky, dangerous, and really fucking stupid” undertaking, according to journalist Suroosh Alvi, and those words are certainly … Continue reading

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Small Town Gay Bar

Small Town Gay Bar (Director: Malcolm Ingram, USA, 2006): This film was part of the June 2007 release from Ironweed Film Club, and features two short films as well that I haven’t yet watched. I missed this when it played … Continue reading

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No End In Sight

No End In Sight (Director: Charles Ferguson, USA, 2007): First-time director Charles Ferguson decided to make this film at a time when a number of books were being published about the Bush administration’s disastrous handling of the Iraq war. In … Continue reading

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Rize (Director: David LaChapelle, USA, 2005): David LaChapelle is mostly known for his photography and music videos. If you haven’t seen this documentary film, then you’re probably not familiar with clowning and krumping, a dancing subculture in Los Angeles. The … Continue reading

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Groundhoppers (Director: Eivind Tolås, Norway, 2005): Thank goodness for the internet. While reading about obsessive football (soccer) fans who attempt to visit as many football grounds as possible, I came across the title of this Norwegian documentary. I was able … Continue reading

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