Shinsedai Festival 2011

Shinsedai launches its third edition tonight through Sunday at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Continuing to showcase new independent cinema from Japan, co-programmers Chris Magee (J-Film Powwow) and Jasper Sharp (Midnight Eye) have curated another strong lineup for this year’s festival. Special guests include 15-year-old filmmaker Ryugo Nakamura who is presenting the North American premiere of his drama The Catcher on the Shore (Yagi no bouken) on Saturday July 23rd at 6:00pm. He shot the film when he was just 13 years old, so this should make for a very interesting Q&A session.

The Catcher on the Shore (Yagi no bouken)

If you’re interested in where Japanese cinema is heading, you need to check out the Shinsedai Cinema Festival. Check the site for film listings, schedule, ticket prices and directions.

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