Cheap Shot

I live in Canada. Therefore, I’m supposed to love hockey. But I don’t love hockey. I’ve tried. But, I can see a little bit of the beauty of the game, and I appreciate the skills of the better players. So, after years of people telling me how much they loved the film Slap Shot (1977), I watched it a few months back. I hated it. Not only did it focus exclusively on the thuggish violence which mars the game, but it seemed to go over the top with vulgar and offensive dialogue. And though playing it all for laughs, oddly the film seemed supremely unfunny to me. I was extremely disappointed that Paul Newman would be associated with such dreck.

Finally, I’ve found someone who says exactly what I want to say. A review from Sports Illustrated, no less. From 1977. By notable sportswriter Frank Deford. So now, when asked about the film, I can just say, “What he said.”

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