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Moen Mohamed: The Best of Hot Docs 2012

Editor’s Note: I’m very happy to welcome back Moen Mohamed to Toronto Screen Shots. Chances are that if you see movies in Toronto, you know Moen. He sees more films than anyone I know and I’ve always valued his opinions … Continue reading

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Predicting the 2007 Oscar Winners

Although it would appear that many winners of the 2007 Academy Awards are obvious in key categories, Sunday night may provide some surprises,one can only hope. The truth is, a surprise win can be the single most exciting development on … Continue reading

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The Best Performances of 2007

In 2007, actors and actresses were presented with challenging roles, many of which garnered much acclaim and bountiful awards. However, the performance of the year, without a doubt, goes to Casey Affleck for his work in THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE … Continue reading

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The Best American Films of 2007

2007 has been a great year for cinema – and American films shone in 2007. The best American films of the harvest were challenging, entertaining, intelligent and insightful. The films on this list spoke to me personally and cinematically. These … Continue reading

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