Fantasia International Film Festival 2009

Although this site generally focuses on Toronto-area film festivals and events, I can’t resist putting in a plug for Montréal’s incredible Fantasia International Film Festival. Running all the way from July 9-29 (and yes, I know the poster says the 27th, but trust me, it runs until the 29th), this year’s fest features more than 115 feature films as well as a generous selection of shorts. Fantasia’s focus is on genre cinema (horror, sci-fi, etc.) and there’s been a real explosion in both the quality of these films as well as audience interest.

Looking through their programme has me looking forward to Toronto’s own genre fest, Toronto After Dark, which is running from August 14-21 this year. Though our fest is much more modest (at least for now), I’m confident that the programmers will be bringing the very best from Fantasia to Toronto in August. And if they don’t, then I’ll just have to get myself to Montréal next summer.

P.S. Hey After Dark guys, can you get a poster as cool as this one for your fest? Thanks!

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