Top Films of 2008

I’m gen­er­ally not a fan of year-end “best of” lists but on the other hand, I always seem to have an opin­ion on every other list I see so it’s only fair that I try to put together my own. It’s bound to be a little idio­syn­cratic, since I see most of my films at film fest­ivals. There are a num­ber of sig­ni­fic­ant films that I haven’t (yet) seen but I wanted to limit my list to what I actu­ally saw in 2008. Since I see so many doc­u­ment­ar­ies, they get their own list, although I think the hard bound­ary between doc­u­ment­ary and fic­tion is becom­ing more per­meable all the time. I’ve lim­ited myself to ten in each cat­egory, though there is no rank­ing.


Dramatic Features (and One Short)

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