TIFF 2008: Preliminaries, Part 2

Entre Les Murs

Entre Les Murs (Director: Laurent Cantet): Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, this film was shot documentary-style in a real French classroom with nonprofessional actors. The teacher (François Bégaudeau) plays himself in a screenplay he wrote based on his own novel, which follows the life of a young teacher of the French language in a multicultural classroom. I’ve read about the wonderfully naturalistic performances of the students, who collaborated and rehearsed together well before shooting began.

Trailer (en francais)
Official Site (en francais)


Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir (Director: Ari Folman): Animation can sometimes be a good way to deal with difficult subjects. In this case, it’s the memories (or rather, the lack of memories) of the director, an Israeli soldier who took part in the 1982 Lebanon war. In one of the war’s more gruesome atrocities, the Israeli army stood by as “Christian” Phalangist militias entered the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and massacred men, women and children for three horrific days. More than 3,000 were killed. Despite the militias’ stated aim of rooting out Palestinian fighters, the vast majority of these fighters had been evacuated weeks before. The bloodbath was widely seen as revenge for the assassination of the Phalangists’ leader, the recently-elected President Bashir Gemayel. This sounds like a very personal film, and also promises to explore memory and issues of post-traumatic stress disorder in an innovative way.

Official Site


Brúðguminn (White Night Wedding)

Brúðguminn (White Night Wedding) (Director: Baltasar Kormákur): As a longtime fan of Icelandic cinema, I try to see as many of the country’s films as possible, and after enjoying Kormákur’s Mýrin (Jar City) (review) at last year’s TIFF, I’m interested in seeing this one, too. This looks like more of a comedy, and it’s apparently based on a Chekhov play. The scenery of rural Iceland looks spectacular, which means it will be a good warmup for my own visit to the country later in September for the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

Official Site


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3 Responses to TIFF 2008: Preliminaries, Part 2

  1. Greg says:

    Hi James!

    I think “Entre les murs” (The Class) has been canceled.

    According to http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff/nyff.html it’s the opening night film at the New York Film Fest, as a ‘North American premiere’ on Sept 26th.

    I checked the original TIFF press release from June 26th, http://tiffg.ca/mediacentre/viewrelease.aspx?recordId=547 and although it announces ’27 international selections’ there are only 26 — with “Entre les murs” missing… 8-/

  2. James McNally says:

    Greg, thanks for the heads up. That’s a real shame, and a genuine loss for the TIFF audiences this year. However, an award-winner and crowd-pleaser like Entre les Murs will surely get a theatrical release sometime soon.

    Actually, now I’m hoping it will make an appearance at the Reykjavik festival. They usually get a number of high-profile films from the European festival circuit.

  3. It just gets more and more exciting the closer we get to TIFF time.

    I missed Jar City last year which makes me sad. Maybe I’ll try and catch BrĂșĂ°guminn. I keep swaying on whether or not to make a must see list before the full film list is released!

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