Hot Docs 2007

Hot Docs 2007

The Hot Docs 2007 Poster (photography by Rannie Turingan)

For the fourth year, I’m attending the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival. Because I have a full-time job that ISN’T reviewing film, I’m limiting myself again to ten films. Here are my choices, whittled down from at least 20:

The festival takes place from April 19-29 this year, which is just right because in previous years, it’s fallen right across a huge wine-tasting event that I help organize and I have been completely stressed out. I’m really looking forward to writing and posting my reviews as always.

Video of the Press Conference from March 20, 2007

UPDATE: We got press accreditation so there is a strong possibility that we’ll be seeing a significantly higher number of films. Stay tuned for even more reviews and hopefully some other surprises!

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