AFI Top 100/Film Club

Over the weekend, we watched all 460 minutes of the ten-part series, AFI: 100 Years, 100 Movies. Though I enjoyed it thoroughly, I wished there were a way to talk about each of these great films without giving away the entire plot, including the ending. It will make watching the films I haven’t seen yet a little less enjoyable. By the way, I’ve seen 33 of the top 100, but Brooke has seen 50.

On a related note, our first “Film Club” evening was last Friday, and we watched Billy Wilder’s The Apartment (number 93 on the AFI Top 100, and number 20 on their list of the Top 100 Comedies). I loved it, even more than Some Like It Hot, which was their top comedy overall and number 14 on the Top 100. It was a fitting tribute to the late great Jack Lemmon, and I’m becoming a huge Billy Wilder fan. Any other Billy Wilder fans out there?

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